Wool carpet cleaning delight in Exeter – woolsafe approved products

Wool Cleaning with Martins Cleaning ServicesIt is always lovely to receive customer compliments.

Mr Scott is delighted with his carpet cleaning and commented by saying how dry the carpet was after cleaning, it had dried much quicker than he had expected.

A ‘thank you’ was much appreciated.

There is no one carpet cleaning solution that will be effective against all types of soiling and remaining safe for all fibres, fabrics and treatments.  It is paramount that we identify the carpet type so that we can apply the right amount of water and cleaning solution.  Too much water could cause damage such as over-wetting wool carpets.

In Exeter and Devon we come across various carpet types, our carpet consultation will ensure that we identify your carpet and therefore provide the best carpet maintenance and long-term care.  Every job is different and even 10 years on challenges are faced, however our training and knowledge ensure that your carpet is cleaned correctly.

As well as wool, other natural fibres include silk, cotton and Jute, natural fibres are animal, vegetable and mineral fibres.  Wool is a protein fibre, it has natural flame resident qualities and good resilience.  It has excellent soil hiding qualities.  On a less positive note wool may be attacked by moths and white wool will turn yellow in prolonged sunlight.

Wool from the fleece of a variety of sheep each has its own characteristics.  Wool is considered one of the best ‘face’ fibres for carpets.

The products we use to clean wool carpets are approved by woolsafe®

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