Urine carpet stains, how to remove

Has pooch decided to deposit urine on your carpet?  Not only is this a nuisance but can

Pet Care, carpet urine stains

Pet Care

damage your carpet if not treated correctly.

We recommend calling a professional carpet cleaning company for efficient removal of urine.  Urine may cause a yellow discoloration that may remain.

Here are some tips for urine carpet stains –

  • Patience is the key. It’s better to attempt removal in stages.
  • Household chemicals generally won’t get rid of urine stains and smells. It might be possible to buy an enzyme cleaner or call in a professional carpet cleaning company.
  • Try the enzyme treatment on a small, not-visible surface first to make sure it won’t harm the finish on the surface you want to treat.
  • Be careful with hot soapy water on wool carpets, as it can cause shrinkage.
  • It may be difficult to locate the exact area so be prepared to get down on bended knees!
  • Thoroughly soak the stains with an enzyme cleaner.  Repeat the applications if necessary – sometimes several times. It takes awhile for the enzyme to work.
  • Remember that animals like to revisit places where they have been.  White Vinegar may discard your pet from revisiting the area.

Enzyme digesters are a dormant friendly bacteria – the enzymes break the urine down.  When the urine is gone the bacteria die and you should have a clean carpet.

Enzymes can work over a course of several days, therefore you need to be prepared that the carpet may change over a period of time, so expect improvements over several days.  Natural carpets such as 100% wool fibre may remove the urine deposit but more than likely this may leave some permanent staining.

Remember – all carpets are different and not every method of stain removal is suitable for every carpet.  We recommend that you contact a professional carpet cleaner for advice and urine stain removal.

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