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Leather Cleaning

Leather is a very valuable and delicate fabric to work with, it should never be under-estimated!

While it may seem like an easy service to offer when you consider fabrics such as cotton, drylon and synthetics you will be somewhat surprised to hear that leather is a very complex product to work with.   With other fabrics we can provide various tests ensuring that we provide the correct cleaning method, with leather we need to ensure that we have inspected it thoroughly.  While this may sound mind boggling we have to tell if it is pigmented leather, aniline, semi-aniline or a pull up, suede, nubuck or bicast.  This may sound very technical but not to us as we are fully trained.

A FREE consultation is advisable to ensure the precise method of cleaning is applied to your leather upholstery.

Our professional cleaning can include leather conditioners or protectors depending upon how you wish to refer them; the products that we source state that they are a finishing treatment for cleaned leather which helps to replenish the natural oils within the leather upholstery and will restore suppleness and help to protect your furniture.  There are a variety of products suitable for leather cleaning and leather restoring.

The benefits of leather cleaning:

Any abrasives found in soil content will assist with cracking the leather, therefore cleaning will assist in removing soil deposits which remain invisible to the human eye. The most relevant factor for leather is that it receives regular treatments applied using the appropriate product.

The owner of natural leathered fabrics will benefit as follows:  Avoid subjecting leather to harsh sunlight (UVA), Central heating may ‘dry’ out leather.

Leather sofa cleaning - before

Leather sofa cleaningQuality leather will benefit from periodic cleaning,  Conditioners/protectors will help to maintain the suppleness of leather. Suites, footstools and individual chairs are cleaned to high standards.  Our comprehensive range of leather upholstery cleaning is suitable for all leather furnishings. 

Our highly skilled technicians clean all leather upholstery including leather sofas, chairs, individual chairs.  Our Exeter cleaning company provide treatments suitable all types of leather.  Where the leathers natural oils are drying, leather may benefit from conditioning to preserve.


Have a look at the photographs of our leather cleaning taken while at a clients property. Our client was overwhelmed by the leather cleaning result that our expert cleaning company achieved to this upholstery.


We are delighted to include leather cleaning and fabric upholstery cleaning, soft furnishings, specialist carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, rug cleaning, commercial office cleaning, and residential cleaning within our service range.


Conditioner – Feeds the leather with natural oils and waxes preventing it from drying out and cracking.

Protection – adds an invisible barrier to the leather that protects the leather from the elements. When you sit on leather you cause friction, which may wear away the leathers coating causing leather to become rough and faded.  Protection products will also help protect leather from stains.

Modern leather –  has a pigmented finish on it. What this means is that the leather is painted and then sealed with a lacquer. A conditioner is not suitable but a protective cream adds a protective layer to the leather that will protect the finish from wear.

We know that our clients have every confidence in our workmanship and this is confirmed by our cleaning company being accepted as an approved member of the Devon County Council ‘Buy with confidence scheme’.

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