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Our homes need regular cleaning but did you realise that your upholstery also requires regular deep cleaning?

It is hard to imagine the amount of dirt and grim your upholstery sofas, suite and armchairs are subject to on a daily basis.  Dirt is being  transferred from clothing to your sofa every time you use it.  If that was not bad enough children leave stains and spills from dirty finger prints.

The armchair and sofa headrest is a prime spot for oily residue caused by hair follicles. Deep cleaning of armchairs, suites and sofas will eliminate this residue caused by contaminates.

Martins cleaning services Exeter use only qualified carpet and upholstery cleaners to clean sofas, armchairs, suites and footstools as well as other soft furnishings.  Using the latest technology all your soft furnishings are cleaned to a high standard with our expert knowledge and skill.

The benefits of cleaning soft furnishings including cotton, velour, draylon, and modern fabrics is the removal of soil content and contaminates.  While some fabrics can be wet cleaned it is important to realise that some fabrics can only be dry cleaned by hand.  For this reason we recommend a consultation with our carpet and upholstery cleaner to determine the correct cleaning method.

Upholstery that is not cleaned regularly will result in fibre damage and eventually this will reduce the lifespan of your armchairs, sofas, suites and other home furnishings.

Upholstery Cleaning Devon

Upholstery cleaning – Armchair, sofa, suite and footstool fabric cleaning

Our upholstery cleaners are CRB checked and abide buy the Devon County Council, trading standards Buy with confidence code of conduct. Senior citizen clients enjoy the benefit of our company discount, this is not just a one-off offer it is lifetime.

If you are not familiar with upholstery cleaning you will be pleased to know that the service is provided within your own home.

If you need advice or want to book our services, call today.

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