Tips for cleaning your home during Christmas

It can be a daunting thought preparing your home for Christmas.  With friends and relatives arriving and guests staying during Christmas it is only natural that you want your home to look it’s best.

Following our simple cleaning tips you can have a clean home –

    1. Organisation is the key to any cleaning task. Make sure you clear away all house clutter.  It’s not too late to sort things out even with only a remaining week until Christmas!
    2. Take any unwanted goods to the charity shop, especially if they are still in good condition.  Your clutter can be someone else’s treasure and now is the perfect time to donate to your favourite charity.
    3. Any items that are not good enough to take to charity, you haven’t used for a year, and you know you are unlikely to use again can be thrown away.
    4. With lots more space, start organising cupboard space for your final food shopping or a new place to store wrapped presents.
    5. The understairs coat cupboard in the hallway is a ‘must’ for cleaning to allow for guests coats to hang neatly.  Use a couple of storage boxes, as I have, for hats, gloves and scarves.
    6. Vacuum and mop floors, vacuuming alone will instantly lift your room and provide a fresh feel to your rooms.
    7. Keep hallways and stairs clean and tidy, that way you will always be prepared for callers, a basket kept at the bottom of your stairs is a handy item to pop any bits and pieces in to take upstairs or quickly clear clutter.
    8. We recommend cleaning toilets and washrooms daily to keep germs at bay.  It will also make the task quicker as there will be less elbow grease needed next time you clean!
    9. Make sure your sitting room is comfortable and clean, having just one presentable room is essential any time of the year where you can invite people into your home with ease.  If any this cleaning tip is essential so that you can enjoy your house.
Christmas cleaning tips

Christmas cleaning tips

If you have time, hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner to deep clean your carpets.  If there isn’t the time make sure that you book early for the New Year so that your carpets are fresh after all your guests have left and any stains are promptly removed.

Kitchen cleaning and hygiene –

  1. Ensure that your kitchen is sparkling, wipe over surfaces with a sanitising spray and if you are cooking fresh meat make sure that you clean your hands thoroughly after handling raw meat, including work surfaces and utensils.
  2. Never mix raw and cooked meat!
  3. Make sure that cooked meat is stored on upper fridge shelves while raw meat is stored lower and does not drip onto fresh fruit, vegetable and salads.
  4. Store cold desserts at the top of the fridge where there is less chance that bacteria can meet with them.

Remain calm!  Every Christmas comes together in the end and while we might think it is exhausting think of the pleasure all your hard work will have given.  At the end of the day put your feet up and have a well deserved rest. Happy Christmas everyone!


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