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Pet urine stains on carpets in Exeter

Families love pets as much as we do and it is surprising the number of accidents that can result in carpet stains when your beloved pet decides to soil a carpet. The first thing that you need to do when … Continue reading

Carpet Stains – Curry

Apply an approved specialists stain-removal treatment immediately.  You will require the services of a professional carpet cleaner as you will need to have the remaining stain extracted from your carpet. Curry can permantently stain your carpet, call a professional carpet … Continue reading

Stain Removal

Most stains can be removed using our Martins Cleaning spotter (spot and stain removing), sometimes carpet cleaning extraction may be required to remove any remaining stain.  We recommend that you keep our stain remover under the kitchen sink that it … Continue reading

Urine carpet stains, how to remove

Has pooch decided to deposit urine on your carpet?  Not only is this a nuisance but can damage your carpet if not treated correctly. We recommend calling a professional carpet cleaning company for efficient removal of urine.  Urine may cause a yellow … Continue reading

Chinese food stain removed rapidly

Last week being the lead up to Christmas was a very busy time for our Exeter company. We expected a surge of carpet cleaning clients wanting carpets cleaned before Christmas and this year was no different from previous years. Martin … Continue reading

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