Cleaning stains, spots on carpets or furnishings

professional carpet cleaning devonStains might be distressing but Martins Cleaning just love them. 

  • Does last nights drinks party remind you in the morning when you look at the carpet.
  •  Has the helter-skelter of family life taken a toll on the furnishings? 
  • Has pooch shown over affection for the sofa and left not only an aroma but stains? 
  • Perhaps your rental period expires and the stains need dealing with. 
  • Are you a landlord looking to maximise the image of your rental property? 
  • Stains become part of lifestyle but Martins Cleaning have a solution. 

Call Martins today and erase stains on carpets and upholstery.

All our stain and spot cleaning skills bring stunning results.  Across the south west we have dealt with and deleted thousands of stains, whatever the type.  Perhaps this is why, when it comes to stain and spot removal, customers regard us as the best.

Here is a testimonial from a house in Exeter having nail varnish on her carpet “Hello there Martin, Just wanted to thank you SO, SO much for the amazing job you did on our carpet! I could not believe when I got home how amazing it looked!, so thank you very much indeed!”  Kind regards, Sarah {21/11/2012)

Just think about commercial properties – pubs, wine bars, clubs, offices, beauty salons, care homes guest houses, hotels….a cornucopia of stains!.  A bustling business will make hard use of the floor.  But your floor is likely to be the first impression that customers make about you.  Stains show a lack of care, values or standards.  Surely that is not you or your business.

Martins Cleaning have special techniques and products to deal with stains and spots galore.  Contact us today

Of course, with a regular carpet cleaning contract the cleaning schedule deals with stains.  Hence floors, carpets, rugs, upholstery, curtains are all kept spotless which lengthens their life as well.  Surely this makes sense in today’s hectic lifestyle.  All you need to decide is whether a daytime or evening cleaning service suits you.  You can opt to have carpet cleaning and maintenance and stain removal in your commercial cleaning contract.  Offices cleaned in the evening welcome staff the following morning with a glitter and shine.

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