Spring cleaning comes early with Martins, Exeter

While we are only in February already we have seen an increase in spring cleaning work, a few bright days can make all the difference and we do love to clean!

Carpets, upholstery, leather, cushions, curtains, floors and domestic households will need lots of attention this spring when our doors have been closed and we have had lots of central heating and warmth, an ideal breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria.

As well as spring cleaning making your home look lovely it will also improve air quality and your general well being.  A clean house usisng our environmentally friendly and ecological friendly products result in a top class job that’s good for the environment and your home.

Carpets and upholstery can also benefit from a deep clean, winter soiling can swiftly be removed with our products and equipment.  Winter soiling can be harmful if left on your carpets and upholstery because of the soil content will contain heavier contaminates due to wet conditions and mud.

If you suffer from allergies we offer a product suitable for hayfever and other conditions that affect us in the summer months.  Now you can prepare early with our specialist products and have a happy spring and summer.

With our current bookings you can organise your appointment before Easter.

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