Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning Exeter and Devon

‘Spring cleaning’ is upon us whatever the weather!

Spring cleaning need not just be for this season of the year.  With our weather patterns changing so do ‘our’ requirements, you can change your home anytime.

Now is the time to think about Spring Cleaning your home.  This could make an ideal Mothers Day treat or birthday treat.

We help the elderly, families and professionals with their house cleaning or anyone that just wants to come back to a clean home.

Remove winter from your home and revitalise your home with Spring cleaning.

Our friendly team will help you to plan your home spring cleaning.  Perhaps you need a particular room cleaned ready for guests arriving or you just need a helping hand.

We provide a range of residential cleaning services.

Spring cleaning can include carpets, upholstery, fine fabrics and even Mattresses that have been caught in a warm environment over the winter months, these will no doubt need spring cleaning to rid dust mites.  We have a solution that will permanently kill dust mites from your mattress, carpet, upholstery and therefore improve your health and allergy suffering.

Our anti-allergen treatment has helped many of our customers already.  Knowing your mattress, carpets, upholstery and home has been cleaned using an anti-allergen solution could help to make you and your home feel fresh again, improving air quality.

As a special treat, why not get our professional house cleaners to clean your home and your patio.  We can clean your home, your carpets and even your curtains and upholstery.  All this can be done in a day!  Spring cleaning will ensure you have a fresh and happy home and garden.

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