Professional curtain cleaners

Curtain Cleaning DevonMany a time I dread the thought of curtain cleaning.  All those hooks and curtain rails to contend with and step ladders, sometimes it’s a difficult task and one that we could do without.

This could all change with your local cleaning company!  The good news is that we provide curtain cleaning while you relax.   We clean your curtains while still hanging,  no fiddling with hooks and hanging rods.  Our service may also include blinds.  We will have your curtains looking beautiful in no time.

Combine curtains with carpet cleaning.  Get your home immaculate with this efficient service.  We have a great way to clean curtains with ease!  If you have matching upholstery we can refresh this too with our upholstery cleaning.   

Our Exeter company will clean your curtains swiftly without even removing a single curtain hook!  It’s a great way to have those curtains cleaned, our specialist cleaning method, products and attention to detail speaks volumns.

Our curtain cleaning system is a specialist task.  The benefits include: Odour removal, removal of cigarette smoke smells, enhance your room, remove germs, reduce expensive replacement costs.  Why not treat your curtains and your home to our ‘citrus fresh’ curtain cleaning product the ideal combination for spring cleaning.

If you what to simply care for your curtains here is our cleaning tip; if you change your curtains after cleaning hang your cleaned curtains carefully and protect in suitable bags to protect them and avoid moths.

Whether your curtains are being cleaned for spring cleaning or they just need a refresh our curtain cleaning could be an ideal solution so that you do not have to climb ladders and take them down.  If you would like a quotation contact us and we will be happy to visit you for a free consultation and quotation.

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