Kick start your carpets this football season in Exeter

Carpet cleaning Devon –

Kick start your carpets after muddy football matches in Devon, here’s how …

Carpet cleaning Devon

Carpet cleaning Devon

Don’t let muddy conditions get you down, kick start your carpets with professional carpet cleaning from local carpet cleaning experts Martins Cleaning Services.

We are offering 10% discount to all residential clients requesting carpet cleaning and stain removal due to muddy football boots and muddy Autumn and Winter conditions.

There is good news ahead for our clients with carpet maintenance on the increase and carpets needing our expert cleaning services throughout Devon.

Cleaning tip –

If mud is not deep set wait for it to dry then lightly brush to remove it from the surface, you should then be able to vacuum the mud away.

For deep ground stains including mud and muddy football boots, call Martins Cleaning services for professional carpet cleaning and stain removal.

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