Floor cleaning with our advanced truckmount machine

Truckmount Carpet Cleaning, Exeter South WestWe offer a wide range of cleaning services throughout Devon, carpet cleaning is one service that has been available from our company for over 10 years.  Apart from our expert carpet and upholstery cleaning provided to you using our advanced truckmount carpet cleaning machinery we also now have invested in a new tool for floor cleaning.

Floors can be difficult to clean but we have now overcome time and fatigue with our truckmount floor cleaning tools.  We have other very good floor cleaning machinery which still has it’s place for particular flooring types.  Having just invested in a truckmount floor tool we know that your flooring will benefit from this high powered cleaning.

With harsh weather systems indoors and out we can care for your floors quickly.  Whether your floor is original or a modern version made to withstand the elements our floor cleaning machinery and tools should in most cases be able to clean all areas.

Tile and grout cleaning is our specialist service, now using our truckmount floor cleaning equipment this has been become not only easier but convenient to our clients as we are able to use our own fuel and water to power this machinery.  Using this cleaning system your floor is deep cleaned using high pressure water with a suitable cleaning product.

We recently cleaned a dental surgery in Exeter with this advanced equipment and the client was delighted with the result achieved using our machinery and skill.  We have been instructed to provide further hard floor cleaning using this method in the future as the client concerned is so impressed by our service and hygienic cleaning system.

The cleaning method is so hygienic there is no need to use mops and buckets and all dirty water is self contained taken back into our waste tank.

Our equipment is probably one of or the best floor cleaning methods currently available in the market place today.  Martins  cleaning are keen investors of technology and equipment and we invest in the latest technology so that our clients are never without the best cleaning service available.

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