End of tenancy carpet cleaning

End of a tenancy may be as stressful as purchasing a new home or indeed it could be that your end of tenancy leads you to pastures new.

If you are intending renting your home it may have occurred to you that by doing so you will want to keep your property as clean as possible throughout it’s rental period.  You could arrange to have the carpets cleaned prior to rental and thus add this to your end of tenancy agreement so that the tenant will take responsibility of the carpet cleaning thereafter.

Perhaps an annual carpet clean within your tenancy agreement may be something that you would like to consider so that your carpets are maintained throughout the agreement?  Carpet cleaning will increase the life of your carpets.

If you are moving to a new property you will perhaps take comfort with freshly cleaned carpets, improving air quality and the aesthetic look of your property.

‘The deposit protection scheme’ can be a useful place to look to gain a wider understanding of protecting your deposit and indeed retaining this at the end of your tenancy.

At Martins cleaning we look at the wider picture and there is nothing better than to provide clients with carpet maintenance or annual carpet cleaning, being a valuable investment to your carpet.

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