Does your carpet and upholstery need professional cleaning?

There are several ways in which carpet upholstery can be professionally cleaned.

Only today a customer commented that they had cleaned their own carpet with a Vax carpet cleaner in 2002 and while speaking to me realised that regular professional carpet cleaning would be beneficial for the overall appearance of his homes carpets.  I was delighted to be asked lots of technical questions and was happy to provide the answers, after all a professional company will not shy away.

It quickly become apparent to our client that his carpets required professional deep cleaning and having been recommended to our company by his Mother he booked carpet cleaning immediately.

Carpets as well as upholstery require care and attention.  Here are a few reasons why a professional upholstery cleaning company will be beneficial;  greater care must be taken with the cleaning of upholstery due to delicate fabrics. Fabrics should be tested prior to cleaning and colours should also be tested for colour run.  If there is any doubt prior to the cleaning process taking place an experienced techician will always be able to make the correct decision for the wellbeing of your items.

There are many fabrics to be considered when cleaning, acrylic, polyester, cotton, nylon.

Professional upholstery cleaners need to be aware of the various fillings within cushions. We are aware of your upholstery fabric and fillings.   When our qualified technicians carry out your pre-inspection they will determine the correct cleaning method to be applied to your items.

Special attention will need to be paid to head areas, arm rests and cushions, these areas may have deeper soiling.  With natural fabrics such as cotton caution should be applied and cleaning of upholstery must be evenly applied throughout the process to avoid water and ‘tide’ marks.  Hot water must not exceed 40% as high heat will damage cotton fabrics.

How that you have decided to have professional carpet cleaning we would like to mention just some of the reasons why ‘everyday’ our clients make this very wise choice:

You will enjoy fresh clean carpets, removal of dirt and bacteria within the carpet and the carpet pile, improved air quality within the home or office.

We recommend choosing our professional trained technicians here at Martins Cleaning services Exeter for your upholstery cleaning as we have years of experience.  With our techicians also industry approved qualified by the NCCA, you have immediate confidence. Our qualifications are highly regarded within the carpet cleaning industry.

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