Chinese food stain removed rapidly

Chinese Food Cleaning, ExeterLast week being the lead up to Christmas was a very busy time for our Exeter company. We expected a surge of carpet cleaning clients wanting carpets cleaned before Christmas and this year was no different from previous years.

Martin received an emergency call from a new customer in St Thomas, Exeter. He had purchased a Chinese meal and in the morning noticed, to his dismay, that barbecue sauce had dripped from the packaging onto the hallway carpet. As his property is a rental he was very concerned that he would be in trouble with the landlord.

Martin is a professional with stain removal and the success rate is high for complete stain removal, particularly when carpets have not been pre-treated with a multitude of cleaning products.

Fortunately, although the stain was severe Martin was able to remove the stain fully from the carpet and needless to say our client was delighted!

We look to provide clients with stain removal solutions and you can be guaranteed of brilliant advice. When your next stain occurs call our professional Exeter carpet cleaning company for exceptional service throughout Devon.

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