Stain protection for carpets and upholstery.

Wine stain on carpetIf you haven’t already had a stain protection applied to your carpets and furnishing, please enquire further with Martins Cleaning Exeter as to the benefits of our professionally protection products that will protect your carpets and your investment.                                                                            

Red wine stain on white carpet, there is no protection treatment applied and the stain has immediately absorbed deep into the carpet pile.  Stain protection Exeter.

Martins Cleaning Services professionally apply stain protection treatments to carpets, upholsteryincluding NEW purchases upon our recommendation and the recommendation of carpet manufacturers. 

The red wine stain, spilt on the above carpet is ‘beaded’ which is only possible when a stain protection treatment has been professionally applied.

Stain Protection can be professionally applied to all your interiors to prevent permanent stains within your carpets and upholstery by our professional technicians.

Stain protection treatments are not just restricted to the home but can safely be used in cars, caravans, mobile homes and commercial buildings.

On request we will provide a demonstration of the benefits of this stain protection application.  Once seen it is inevitable that you will not want to wait any longer for us to apply this stain protection to your furnishings.

If you haven’t already purchased a stain removal kit this is the perfect team for your stain protection should an accident occur, giving you protection and peace of mind all of the time; as recommended to all households and businesses.

Email or telephone to book your stain protection, all major credit and debit cards accepted.

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