Martins of Exeter have been using eco friendly cleaning products for years.  Eco friendly is available throughout our cleaning;

Environmental cleaning, Exeter

Martins help to change your carbon footprint as preferred by some commercial and domestic clients.  Our use of eco-friendly products maintains beautiful carpets and upholstery.

Our eco friendly products are suitable for children, pets and the elderly.
Eco friendly environmental cleaning is available to all our clients for all services shown on this website.

“Going Green!”  Environmental cleaning:

We offer eco friendly cleaning services for Residential cleaning and Commercial cleaning

For any of our cleaning services, including quotations and bookings our team of friendly staff are here to help you gain your cleaning dream!

Cost – Unfortunately the cost of using environmentally friendly products is not as cheap as using chemical methods.  Before you look in disappointment I would like to point out that organic food costs more than processed products; think about this and your health, there are reasons why and these are –

  • Production is less
  • Cost is therefore more
  • The contents are sourced largely for this purpose
  • Less Companies are offering this service and therefore production is limited

The result of using environmental products – “The facts!” There are no perfumes in these products, therefore please do not expect a perfume freshness.  There are no enzymes in these products.  Enzymes are the best way to break down organic matter however they are harmful because they need to be carefully regulated (through C.O.S.H.H. laws & regulations).

A carpet that is cleaned using environmental friendly products may not have the same result as a carpet that has been cleaned with chemical content, we will let you know the details of your cleaning during our pre-inspection of your carpets or upholstery. Carpet cleaned using environmental cleaning products.

We use cleaning products that have a lower content of chemical matter.  The eco-friendly product range we use is therefore largely non chemical based and regarded as ‘safe’ for use with children and pets and the elderly.

Natural cleaning for carpets & upholstery.  We offer natural cleaning methods for upholstery, office and commercial cleaning and residential cleaning.

Our carpet cleaning company based in Exeter Devon provides carpet, upholstery, curtain and rug cleaning to residential and commercial customers in South Devon, North Devon, Somerset and Cornwall.

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