Carpet treatments

There are various carpet and rug cleaning treatments available which will enhance any carpet clean. We have cleaned carpets in Exeter, Devon and Somerset for over 10 years.  Carpet treatments can revitalise carpets in the home or office –

Carpet deodorisation

Carpet deodorisation will remove various malodorous odours from your carpet, these are unpleasant odours living within the carpet pile.  These odours  range from urine contamination, bacterial growth and vomit or other body fluids.  Even pooch can be a guilty party and deodorisation is essential to deter recurrence in the area concerned.

Water de-browning treatments

‘Browning marks’ occur on carpets during and after a water spill where the water has been allowed to dry within the carpet. Often clients telephone concerned when there has been even the slighest of water leaks and discolouration of the carpet.  Thankfully the ‘brown marks’ that you see can on your carpet can be successfully be removed by our carpet cleaners in Devon.  Browning can also occur on old tea and coffee stains, particularly those that have not been treated.

Stain removal

The most common types of stain removal we find to be water based staining matter.  These are often tea, coffee, wine and  children’s drinks.  We also treat a variety of oil based stains such as cosmetics, paint and oil.   Whatever your stain removal dilemma resist going to the under stair cupboard and call our professional stain removers in Devon.  We will advise you accordingly.

Stain protection for carpets and upholstery

Stain protection is a barrier that is applied to carpets and/or upholstery after cleaning.  The purpose of stain protection is to provide a protective barrier between the carpet and the carpet bed, allowing time for stains to be treated effectively before stains can penetrate the fibres within your carpet.  Stain protection is an effective carpet treatment that will also help to guard your carpet against dirt and contaminates thus increasing the time between cleans.

Anti-allergen treatments

Anti-allergen treatments will safely remove the reproduction of dust mites and other contaminates within carpets and upholstery.   With this safe and proven product you can once again enjoy mattresses, carpets and upholstery and breathe easily.

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