Carpet cleaning Prices

It is very difficult by telephone or by estimate to tell our customers the exact cost for carpet cleaning and associated services.  Each carpet is unique with different fibres and different traffic stains, carpets can be high use or low use, for example a lounge carpet will be used more frequently than say a bedroom carpet.

Each domestic carpet is treated different from the last one cleaned.  There may be pets or children resulting in perhaps stains and deodorisation treatments required.

For the purpose of pricing we have a standard carpet cleaning service to suit all budgets, naturally we would like nothing more than to provide you with a personal service and therefore visit you at a time convenient where we can provide a free consultation appointment and quotation.  To book telephone 01392 670700

Carpet cleaning Price Match

Martins cleaning services believe that we offer the best value for money carpet cleaning service throughout Exeter and Devon while retaining service excellence!

We will *match or beat any price provided from any other carpet cleaning company in the region.  Simply confirm with any written quote and we will provide you with a 5% discount or a £5.00 domestic cleaning voucher so that you can also receive our home general cleaning service from our highly qualified cleaners.

  • Fact – Carpet cleaning will also enhance your home, improve air quality and prolong the life of your carpet.
  • We offer environmentally friendly products.

Company prices may vary depending upon the service of carpet cleaning provided.  We use our new carpet cleaning equipment and approved cleaning products, safe for the environment and your home.

We provide affordable while highly skilled carpet cleaners to your home.  Carpet cleaning is a brilliant alternative to replacement and with brand new carpets to buy ranging from £5.99 per meter for the very basic of materials, excluding new underlay and fitting costs, carpet cleaning is a great way to save the environment and household costs.

A three bedroom house fully carpeted you can expect to pay anything from £150.00 – £200.00 for standard carpet cleaning throughout using our new carpet cleaning equipment and approved environmental cleaning products, safe for the environment and your home.  A small flat consisting of a few rooms and you can expect to pay considerably less.

Our products are purchased from an approved supplier with Royal Warrant status.

Bartercard holders only:Bartercard

  • Half day (Residential houses only) T£275.00 | A minimum of 2 hours cleaning.
  • Full Day (Commercial carpet cleaning) T£500.00  | Full day – approximate time of arrival 10AM, Departing no later than 4PM, lunch and tea breaks taken in accordance to employment law.

The setting up of our equipment and travel should also be considered by our client in all instances.

A great way to spend Bartercard trade pounds!

All our pricing is subject to survey and quotation.

* To qualify for match or beat we will need to see a written quotation from a regional approved carpet cleaning company with a full breakdown of pricing to ensure that this does match the same rooms as we are quoting.  We will need the details of the type of cleaning that will be provided including any specialist treatments included.  ‘Approved carpet cleaning companies’ are companies trained to only industry standards and a code of practice.  We reserve the right to decline any work under this offer.

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