Carpet maintenance & carpet care.

The life of your carpet can be prolonged by some simple maintenance that can be carried out when needed. Below is some information on products and services that we can provide to keep your carpets looking like new.

Carpet treatments, deodorising & stain removal

Micro Bacterial odour removal and sanitisation used to neutralise any human and animal odour that may be present within your carpets or furnishings.


Martins carpet cleaning provides removal of carpet contaminates & odour.

Martins Carpet Cleaners can assist with all your carpet cleaning needs.  Remove unwanted contaminates such as cigarette smoke.

Dog on clean carpet

Join our Pet Plan maintenance programme

  • Enhance your property throughout
  • Reduce odours & pet odor (odour) & urine off
  • Safe products for you and your pet/s
  • Monthly Standing order starting from £5.00 net per month (maximum of 1 call out per month) – this is for pet accidents only which may include hot water extraction cleaning of the affected area.

Dust mite removal:  We are all becoming more aware of the effects that allergies can have on our health and our home.  Martins Cleaning have a product that will kill dust mites, it is safe and proven and will improve your health.  Dust mites live in your carpets, bedding, upholstery and live off our skin cells, yes they love us while me don’t like them!  Hayfever, asthma and other allergies can make our life uncomfortable and in some cases almost unbearable.  Martins cleaning services can professionally apply dust mite and allergy products to your carpet upholstery to kill them.  Contact Martins Cleaning Exeter today and say goodbye to your allergy.

Water staining and water marks:  In the event of water or liquid spillage onto your carpet or upholstery we have the correct solutions to rectify most problems. Our technician will advise and qualify each method available. We offer Professional stain removal.  Remove your water mark with NCCA carpet cleaners.

Stain Protection:
Wine stain on carpet

Stain Protection can be professionally applied to all your interiors to prevent permanent stains within your carpets and upholstery.

Stain protection will create a beading on your carpet and furnishings so that accidents will remain at the surface allowing treatment to be undertaken by our professional technicians.

Conditioners and re-texturising:
Soften your fibres within your carpet with our careful selection of conditioners; please advise our technicians if this is something you would like.


Dry carpet cleaning and hot water extraction carpet cleaning

We have more than one option of carpet cleaning.  Dry carpet cleaning usually involves dryDry compound Carpet Cleaning compound to remove soil content from carpets and hot water extraction uses water content to clean carpet.

Successful carpet stain removal is achieved when stains are treated quickly and correctly.  Stains that can be problematic are sometimes those that have been pre-treated.  Specialist treatments may be recommended by our technical cleaners to assist with stain removal.  Martins Cleaning Exeter states that there is a 50/50 chance of full removal where indemnities have been written by our technicians. 


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