Carpet cleaning Topsham Devon

When we took an enquiry for carpet cleaning in Topsham on 14th January 2013 we didn’t realise that it would lead to even more carpet cleaning in Devon!

Our quotation had started with the cleaning of a chaise longue, cushions covers and a stair carpet.  Much to our delight our new customer was so pleased with the cleaning undertaken by Martin that she asked us to clean additional items including 2 armchairs and 2 oriental rugs.

We always aim to be flexible and versatile with all our many happy customers, so cleaning additional items doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

It is brilliant to see customers that have enjoyed our carpet cleaning in Devon, and once booked we know you will re-book carpet cleaning with us in the future.

Having had a lovely cup of tea – thank you! and chatting about our dogs our client was admiring the cleaning results being carried out in front of her eyes for which she could not believe!

The Chaise Longue originated from a family member and passed down so it had special meaning all the more reason for Martin to carry out a superb job.

Mrs Murdock was delighted when the oriental rugs started to show their revitalised colours.  Using a colour enhancing product, used for many years, which we swear by from a leading supplier, the rugs where bought back to life.  It was a brilliant days work with a happy and interesting client who I can also thank for her hospitality.

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