Carpet Cleaning Tips

There are many cleaning tips to share with our readers, here are some carpet cleaning tips that have been known for many years –

  • Tea stains – Glycerine should be worked gently into the area and washed out with luke-warm water.
  • Chewing Gum – The trick is to make the gum soft enough so that it can be pulled off of the carpet surface.
  • Blood – Blood is one of the few stains which breaks the luke-warm water rule.  Albumen in blood is broken down by cold salty water. Fresh blood should be easy to remove whereby dried in blood is resistent to removal.
  • Fruit – Even lemon juice can stain! Dark fruit stains can ruin carpets if the wrong method is approached, we recommend you contact us for assistance.
  • Egg – Old fashioned ammonia can be used although there is a risk of the dye running.
  • Grass Stains – While this is unlikely to be a stain common to carpets we have included it because it is a common problem.  Patience will be required rubbing gently between the finger and thumb with moist toilet soap.

The fact with any stain is that it may not be recognised or may be incorrectly treated!  If you have any doubt at all contact our professional trained carpet technicians here at Martins Cleaning.  We carry a stain removal kit suitable for all stains, our technicians will know how to treat the stains correctly and will be able to identify the problem.

The most common problem is that often stains are pre-treated with the incorrect product, this can lead to unnessary household insurance claims.  Sometimes it may be that you have not noticed a stain until days later and then it may be an unknown stain.

Telephone advice 01392 670700 If in doubt, ask to speak to Martin who will book an appointment for professional stain removal.

If you do decide to treat a stain then we recommend gently blotting the area of the staining matter and never using harsh products or methods to attempt removal.

We cannot confirm that using the cleaning tips above will remove carpet stains partially or fully.  Please remember that each carpet is individual, (such as man-made and natural fibres) and therefore may react to some methods and treatments.

If you have any concerns at all about the removal of any stain we recommend that you contact us for further consultation and assistance!

You may wish to purchase our stain removal product suitable for most common househo

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