Carpet cleaning Exeter City

It was fantastic to be asked back to clean the carpets at Exeter City FC.  Following a club event, where beer and drinks had been consumed, the carpet was covered in beer stains and smells.

Using our fantastic products the club was delighted that the smell was gone and the carpets looked better and better over the course of a few days.  Our experience with carpet cleaning product meant that bacteria was removed from the carpet pile.

On this occasion we used enzymes that are chemical compounds to clean the carpets, enzymes break down soiling so that dirt is then easily removed from the carpet and the pile.

We recommend carpet cleaning to pubs and clubs in Exeter and Devon and would happily come along and organise a free quotation for carpet cleaning and stain removal.

Without doubt we are certain that Exeter City FC would provide a glowing reference and if you read back to previous blogs you will see a recent reference from the club for carpet cleaning we have undertaken.

Commercial carpet cleaning need not be expensive and we would recommend it to increase the life of your carpets.

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