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Martins cleaning services sponsor Stoke Hill AFC Football club Exeter –

Football is a passion that we have had for many years including the development of grass roots football. We are pleased to announce our sponsorship in Stoke Hill sponsoring the new 2012 season football club.  You can read more on ‘this is Exeter’.

Amendment to ALL commercial cleaning contracts –

Since 1st August 2012 we have implemented a new minimum contract rate of 2 hours chargeable whether or not cleaning is performed before, within or outside of this time.  The reason for this change is that as a company we recognise that the physical ability of people varies, some working at a slower or faster rate than others.  ‘Cleaning service’ includes, cleaning within the building, building security and alarm setting, administration, travel and any preparation tasks required to clean your premises.  Contracts of less than £500.00 per month are subject to 1 months written notice and those over and above £500.00 are subject to 3 months written notice.



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