Blog Archives: November 2011

Commercial cleaning contractor, risk assessments

There are responsibilities for a commercial cleaning contractor but also for the businesses that we provide commercial cleaning to.  Outside contractors have a duty of care towards their cleaning staff and a risk assessment will provide a regular analysis of … Continue reading

Hygienic Home, Carpet Upholstery Deodorisation, domestic cleaning

Your home is your castle and it is often said that a clean home is welcoming to any guest. Cleaning your home requires energy, commitment, time and organisation and sometimes the task can be a little overbearing!  Life’s stresses and … Continue reading

Martins Cleaned up Exeter City Football Club

We have been sponsoring Exeter City Football Club since 2007 and during this time we have been delighted to provide occasional cleaning services to the club. Most recently we where delighted to be invited to clean the Clubs carpets.  It has to … Continue reading

Matchball Sponsors at Exeter City Football Club

Martins Cleaning Services Ltd have been delighted to sponsor Exeter City Football Club since 2007. We where delighted to recently be asked to sponsor the Matchball for the Exeter City V Bournemouth match on Saturday 17th September 2011: It was … Continue reading

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