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How often do you look around your home and inspect your upholstery for cleaning?

Recently having looked at replacing my dining room chairs I started to think about the possibilities of cleaning upholstery and decided that I could ask Martin to clean our dining room chairs and the sofa.

The chairs I must confess had all sorts of stains but nothing was too much trouble and upholstery cleaning of dining chairs took very little time and the result well worth it.  Drink stains, wine, food particles are all in a days work for Martins Cleaning Services Exeter.  I have saved myself hundreds if not thousands of pounds cleaning upholstery rather than replacing the chairs and my sofas.

Having a dog with sometimes muddy paws can take it’s toll on sofas and upholstery and finding that upholstery can be effectively cleaned and restored is nothing but a bonus and the air quality within the room much improved.  Even the footstool was carefully cleaned! I was delighted with the use of detergent free products suitable for children and pets.

Having Martin come to clean your upholstery, chairs and sofas is always a pleasure, he is warm and friendly and you are always guaranteed a brilliant service.  I was also impressed to see a clean van and clean equipment being used in our home.

The cost of carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning is much cheaper than replacement and with the discounts Martins cleaning services provide you can be guaranteed of fair pricing with an exceptional service.

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