How often do you have your carpets cleaned?

The most common answer is Not enough. New carpets enhance the appearance of all rooms, vacuuming alone simply is not enough to preserve the life of your new carpet. Carpets can only take so much before they start to look dull, dirty and worn.
It’s necessary to have some kind of frequency to the cleaning of your carpets. A good starting point is daily vacuuming with a good quality vacuum cleaner.  Heavy traffic, pets, children and day-to-day wear, your carpets will eventually become worn and soiled.

If you vacuum every day you will still need to call a professional carpet cleaner at some point .

Carpet Cleaning Exeter

Carpet cleaning is an important part of home cleanliness. Your carpet is an investment in your home or office so we recommend that you take proper care of your carpet so that you can maximise it’s life?

Flees and dust mites love your carpet, we do not love the damage that they can cause!

You love your own animals in your domestic home but they can cause a concern. We all love our pets but they are not always as clean as ourselves. Pets will bring even more dirt into your domestic home.

Martins Cleaning Exeter recommend that domestic carpets should be professionally cleaned every 12 – 18 months, sometimes even more frequently if you have pets and children and lots of traffic in your home.  Martins cleaning services Exeter clean carpets professionally time and again.

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