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Upholstery cleaning for offices, exclusive offer

A smart office or a office revamp may be just what you need.  Why replace office chairs or carpets when all these can be cleaned at a fraction of the price? We clean standard office chairs from as little as … Continue reading

Upholstery cleaning, sofa, chairs, footstools, dining chairs,

How often do you look around your home and inspect your upholstery for cleaning? Recently having looked at replacing my dining room chairs I started to think about the possibilities of cleaning upholstery and decided that I could ask Martin to … Continue reading

New or old, upholstery cleaning – this makes sense!

It comes to us all – a time for evaluation and reflection of our carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Exeter and Devon.  Not that we are unhappy or anything but sometimes it makes sense to look at what’s happening in the … Continue reading

Exeter upholstery cleaning for all fine fabrics

Finding a company to clean sofa’s, armchairs, dining chairs. pouffe, 3 piece suite, 2 piece suite and footstools may sound a task.  In truth you have just found a carpet and upholstery cleaning company in Exeter that can clean all … Continue reading

Does your carpet and upholstery need professional cleaning?

There are several ways in which carpet upholstery can be professionally cleaned. Only today a customer commented that they had cleaned their own carpet with a Vax carpet cleaner in 2002 and while speaking to me realised that regular professional carpet cleaning … Continue reading

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