Pros and cons of hiring a carpet cleaning machine

By hiring a carpet cleaning machine

  1. You have the costs of fuel for collecting/returning the carpet equipment.
  2. You will be using carpet cleaning solutions that you may never use again.
  3. A carpet that may get soiled even quicker due to products that have created lots of foam and therefore a magnet to attract more dirt.

Purchasing a domestic carpet cleaning machine

  1. Ask yourself – Will you really re-use the machine that you may have just purchased again?
  2. Does it have the same power out-put as a commercial machine?¬† No, commercial machines designed for high use in the domestic household have more power output than a ‘general’ domestic carpet cleaning machine.
  3. Products are often foam based – Foam based products often attract more dirt therefore you carpets will need to be cleaned much more frequently.

A de-foamer product is often used by professional carpet cleaners  to remove the foam content within the carpet and the carpet fibres due to the high use of foam based products being used.

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