Carpet, upholstery pre-purchase inspection

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From a Pre-inspection report of your carpets and upholstery you can gain important information. 

Our Carpet Cleaners in Devon will ensure – 

  • You receive a written quotation.
  • You meet the service provider prior to any work being undertaken.
  • We analyse the carpet and upholstery type and construction. Anything unforeseen can be established at the earliest time such as carpet fitting errors.
  • We confirm the correct measurements; you have no need to measure – why should you, this surely is part of the service.

Why Martins Cleaning Exeter provide you with a free no obligation quotation: As a consumer we would expect nothing less than our customers to insist that we provide a clear written price for the work described, (known as a quotation). It differs from an estimate which is a rough price and not binding. Our cleaning quotation is based on a detailed job specification including any special conditions and indemnities. Our clients should expect nothing less from Our Exeter cleaning company.  ‘Our reputation relies upon –  reliability and excellent workmanship‘.

We provide a wide range of cleaning to both domestic and commercial clients. There is never a compromise made, our customers are the most important aspect of our business and will always be put first!

We are always very busy and we would advise that you book early.    

A carpet and upholstery cleaning company or a cleaning company?

Is experience any less? ABSOLUTELY NOT. A well managed company will be able to offer a versatile range of services at all levels with no compromise to service or customer care. Many companies expand their business, this does not mean that they do not specialise in all areas of the services that they provide.  

*A scenario: You have requested a price by telephone and it is the day that you have arranged service to be undertaken. You wonder who this person is, will they actually arrive, after all you have never meet them in person.  Suddenly it occurs to you that the man on the van is not the man on the advert, this photo was taken 20 years ago. The price is suddenly not the price that was discussed and agreed, there is no paperwork and you want your carpet cleaned today. Do you feel obligated, can you say no? You do not know your rights? You agree even though the price is double what was discussed. You are now being pressured, ‘they’ are in your home! 

Know your rights: See the link below (legislation on the doorstep selling regulations 2008):


You have the right to say NO.
Martins Cleaning Services Ltd is an approved member of the Devon County Council Buy with confidence scheme.

Martins cleaning will provide –

  • A pre-inspection visit from one of our experienced carpet and upholstery cleaning specialists.
  • You will be fully informed of the cleaning processes required.
  • You will be provided with a written quotation.
  • You will receive advice and assistance before, during and after your cleaning and an aftercare service.

An experienced company comes with age, industry qualification & experience this is our professional opinion.  

We provide a money back guarantee or a re-clean. With our experience, in practice we have not had to do either.

* The above scenario(s) is purely a fictional scenario

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