Plain or patterned carpet, carpet history, Axminster, Devon

Carpet ChoiceMartins cleaning services isn’t just about carpet cleaning, it is also about carpet styles, trends and maintenance.

Homes around the UK house millions of carpets but let’s look back to the history of carpets and why they remain increasingly popular today.

As far back as 6000BC there was a history of goats and sheep sheared for wool and hair which was then spun and woven. In 1750AD Peter PArisot set up carpet weaving in Paddington London, the company was purchased in 1755 and plant was brought to Exeter.

By 1790 fashion had moved further forwards and it became fashionable to match carpet with ceiling architecture, a trend still followed today by Devons’ Axminster Carpets.

By 1837 works where undertaken to perfect the chenille Axminster Loom and expansion meet demand for large patterned carpets at economic prices.

We will be exploring carpet types, patterns and styles in greater detail in future blogs. For now we can only say that carpet is now so diverse with different textures, colours and designs.

With so many carpets available for cleaning our training and expertise is without doubt in demand now more than ever before. Costs of carpets and underlay remain high and therefore carpet cleaning will remain paramount to every home whether that be a spring clean, maintenance or a deep carpet clean.

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