Pets in the office, carpet cleaning

Whether we agree or disagree with pets in the office, this is a subject we believe that opens all sorts of health and safety queries.

With more of the population appearing to suffer from allergies, is there a pet policy in your workplace?  Have you considered outside contractors and included this category within your health and safety policy?

Generally it is thought that pets are considered good for our wellbeing and staff moral.  Consider if you employed a new member of staff or a cleaning contractor and did not inform them that pets would be using your office premises.  This could cause potential problems with employment legislation if you have not thought through the consequences of allergies, social pet behaviour and ‘food related’ health and safety.

Allergies and carpet cleaning:

We recommend carpet cleaning including the use of a product suitable for removing allergens as a regular maintenance programme for your office and your office upholstery and carpets.

Carpet cleaning will reduce contaminates within carpets and upholstery thus reducing allergy related illness.

Offices with a pet plan for carpet cleaning will help prolong the life of your carpets.

If your pet is soiling your carpet you will certainly require the services of a professional carpet cleaning company, using a product suitable to combat stains and odours.

Whether it is a home of office, call professional carpet cleaners, Martins Cleaning Services Exeter Devon for anti-allergen treatments and carpet maintenance.

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