Pet urine stains on carpets in Exeter

Families love pets as much as we do and it is surprising the number of accidents that can result in carpet stains when your beloved pet decides to soil a carpet.

The first thing that you need to do when there is any pet accident on a carpet is to blot up any fluid on the surface.  We recommend that you call our Exeter carpet cleaning company as soon as possible to enable us to visit you.

We will use a suitable stain removal product, then a deodorisation process along with a neutraliser to remove the staining matter, the odour and then finally the neutraliser to deter your pet from returning to the seen!

A deodoriser will restrict the odour from becoming airbourne as it attacks the odour source.  This is cause a noticable improvement to your home and the air quality.

Naturally you will want to do everything possible to stop your pet re-visiting the area to recontaminate.  Therefore a odour neutraliser is placed onto the carpet as a final treatment.

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