New or old, upholstery cleaning – this makes sense!

It comes to us all – a time for evaluation and reflection of our carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Exeter and Devon.  Not that we are unhappy or anything but sometimes it makes sense to look at what’s happening in the market place and our findings are not surprising.

Before Christmas (of all times!) we where unfortunate that our dining table leg broke.  Although we did manage to do a makeshift repair we searched in retail shops and online for a new table but not to our surprise it was proving impossible to get a delivery let alone a new table!

We cleaned our dining chairs using our truckmount carpet upholstery cleaning machine and naturally our dining chairs where superb by the time cleaning had finished.  With a repaired table leg and clean dining chairs we where ready for guests.

This weekend we went into our local Harveys furniture store in Marsh Barton Exeter and we where delighted to find a new table and chairs; however there is a waiting time of 16 weeks.

Back to the saga of old or new we are convinced that our upholstery service makes perfect sense.  With quality dining furniture costing in the region of £1,000.00 surely cleaning is a viable option.

Martins cleaning charge from £2.00 – per dining room chair.

For less than £30.00 you have replenished your old chairs.  We also provide a stain removal service, so when accidents happened you and we are prepared!

We then looked at sofas and armchairs at various stores and found sofas to be well in the region of £500.00 per NEW quality item; we charge as little as £90.00 per suite for a full clean.

Thinking about the environment and what’s economical we are delighted to say with confidence that upholstery cleaning is a viable option available to everyone.

For fantastic savings and a quality finish contact Martins Cleaning Services for upholstery cleaning.  No waiting, no fuss just perfect service every time.

Book now – 01392 670700

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