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Carpet Cleaning by Martins CleaningThere have been many a time where a client has telephoned asking for an estimate rather than an appointment for a quotation.  Is there any problem in having an estimate where carpet cleaning is concerned?  In our opinion yes, an estimate can open a whole can of worms because there is no assessment of your carpets or furnishings.

At Martins Cleaning we value your carpets and upholsteryWe will provide a consultation and quotation appointment prior to any carpet or upholstery cleaning booking taking place for very good reasons.

There are hundreds of different types of carpets, fabrics, rugs and upholstery constructions manufactured, some are man-made others natural.  By telephone not only can we not see your carpet or upholstery but we have not even calculated the area or upholstery construction that we need to clean.  That’s a very bad start and how could we possible say we have offered you an all round valuable service?

We haven’t even mentioned the fact that your carpet or upholstery may have stains such as tea or coffee or wine and how do we know that there are no draught marks on your carpet or that your carpet has been badly fitted?

Was that estimate such a good idea after all?  Perhaps you paid much more than you expected as you found the price had been inflated on the day.  Worse still did it transpire that your carpet could not be cleaned and actually a replacement might have been better advised?  Don’t get caught out with service providers offering a price by telephone without any consultation – remember they can say the cheapest of prices just to get in your front door.

We recall that on one such occasion when we did make the mistake of offering an estimate by telephone for domestic cleaning we found that the client had 19 cats!  We had no idea that we would be greeted by cats and the outcome was that we had travelled for no reason as the property needed environmental health rather than our domestic cleaning service.

Our consultation will provide good knowledge to our householders such as dust mite elimination or stain protection treatments or specialist stain removal; some treatments essential for the maintaining of your carpet.  Why would you want to maintain your carpet, apart from liking it or the cost of replacing it, did you know that carpet cleaning on a regular basis will increase it’s life expectancy.

Apart from our consultation appointment confirming every little detail to us about your carpet or upholstery and consequently we can then provide you with excellent service we can finally provide you with a written quotation.  A quotation is a binding contract, it tells customers immediately what their work will include and it will tell our customers the price that they will pay, no little or more than what we have produced and agreed in writing.

Once we have established the correct method of cleaning and all the right products required for your individual carpet we have a very comfortable customer who has gained valuable information.  Perhaps the information they have gained may be helpful when selling their home, they have knowledge about maintaining their carpets, fine fabrics or upholstery for the future.  Customers will also be delighted that their consultation designed for their benefit is completely FREE of charge.

Customers gain a company that truly cares about their valuable items in their home and we guarantee they will re-book services with us in the future.  This is a fact, our customers return because they are completely satisfied and delighted with the service we provide in Devon, Somerset and Cornwall.

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