Natural carpet, wool carpet cleaning with care

Clients may telephone for an estimate for carpet cleaning. When you do it is helpful to know the structure of your carpet, is it a natural carpet?

Wool is a natural fibre and has a natural flame retardant.  Wool has good sound insulation as well as heat retention.  It is resilient to damage but when cleaning it is vital that is is cleaned with care and not over-wet.  A wool carpet receiving too much water will be prone to shrinkage.

Did you know that wool has been utilised as a carpet furnishing for over 200 years?  A fibre taken from the fleece of sheep is comforting underfoot and throughout your home.  Regular annual deep cleaning of natural wool carpet is essential to retain it’s structure and to stop irreplaceable damage to the wool fibres.

One of the most well known of all wool carpets is Axminster along with it’s associate Wilton carpet.  Both these carpets are traditionally woven.  Axminster has more design and pattern whereas Wilton tend to be more plain or tonal.  Axminster and Wilton carpet come in twist pile, sculptured and cut pile.   Most Axminster carpets have a single level cut pile, the fibres therefore are cleanly cut to a defined level.

Martins clean carpets throughout Devon, including Axminster and Wilton and wool.

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