Laundry, how to clean your Exeter football kit with ease

Playing football causes all sorts of challenges for Mums in Exeter, Devon and across the UK on Saturday mornings and training sessions.

For over 7 years I have cleaned my sons football kits for various football clubs, Heavitree, Crediton, Ottery St Mary and now Stoke Hill AFC who Martins cleaning services are proud to sponsor.

Here are my tips for a well washed and clean football kit so your football fan can step onto the pitch with style –

    1. First make sure that the kit is removed as soon as football has finished.  With mud and grass stains I always use hot water that is comfortable to the touch and add one spoon of ‘Vanishc powder’ as well as bio washing powder, soak white socks, leaving these for up to one hour.  I then repeat with fresh water, in the meantime the main football kit is in a separate bowl being soaked with the same solution and bio washing powder.
    2. I change all the water, use hot water again with the same products as above.  I then have a toothbrush that I gentle use to remove stains, this is brilliant and works excellent, I really recommend it.  I watch the stains lift from socks, tops and shorts and it is the hot water that has opened the fabric for the brush to release the dirt.
    3. Finally, and only when you are satisfied that the stains are removed, wash the kit in a washing machine at about 40 degrees.  White socks can be washed separately on a higher temperature, ensure you use bio washing powder.
    4. Remove your clean kit from the wash and either hang out to dry or dry on a airer, do not tumble dry under any circumstance or promotional logos will detach from the kit and peel and look terrible!

Muddy carpets following football

I know how many times football boots have accidentally been walked over our hallway carpet, many!  I never worry about it as the best way to cope with mud on carpets is the wait for it to dry and then lightly vacuum the dirt away.

If stains are really bad call Martins cleaning services for advice and information about stain removal for carpets. We sell a very good all purpose stain removal product which we recommend for most household common stains.

I do not recommend any other stain removal products for carpets as some can set stains permanently into carpets and recommend you follow the advice of our local Exeter carpet cleaning company.

Hope you have enjoyed reading these laundry and carpet cleaning tips and good luck with your next football match.

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