Keen to carpet clean!

Carpet cleaning stairsLet it be said that your local carpet cleaning company is keen to carpet clean!

With a Groupon offer in place as well as our NEW carpet cleaning offers you cannot afford to miss out on a deal this January!

Now the Christmas tree is bear and the party is over you may face wine stains and party stains on carpets and upholstery but this should not deter you, simply call and we can get your carpets clean and fresh quickly.

Why live with stains, dirt and odours in your home? after all with our carpet cleaning offers you can be assured that a winter bargain awaits you!

We are keen to clean to give you your dream home. Cleaning will refresh your mind, you can start the New Year refreshed and ready to face the world. Clear the clutter and get ready for action, maybe a new start or satisfying that New Years Resolution, whatever your aim, a clean home will be the start of a new you.

When I look back to when we first took an interest in the benefits of cleaning it was much more than a daily chore, it was a way of life. There is satisfaction and pleasure of succeeding when cleaning is done well. It is the start of new beginnings, maybe enjoying the things around you in a new way.

Today I went retail shopping in Exeter as a means of service analysis and what disappointment!  Genuinely, while looking for a dehumidifier I could not believe that the first shop had sold out and that everywhere else simply did not stock a mini version.  I then found an item I wanted but they could not provide a box so that was the end of that.  I then went on-line and within minutes I found exactly want I need.  While this may not seem significant, to me I could not find the service that I wanted and there was no care or attention.

What I will say is that Martins Cleaning strives to provide the very best customer service with efficient service, advice and competitive prices.  Our ethos is simply – ‘we deliver great customer service, value for money and services that are delivered professionally to the general public.

Our consultation appointment is free as well as our quotation for carpet cleaning and general cleaning. We are delighted to help many returning clients in Devon enjoy their carpet and home.

Moving in or moving out?  Contact us to get your old home ready to hand over and your new home clean and tidy for your arrival.  Recommended by Devon Estate Agents for end of tenancy cleaning.

We recommend early bookings.

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