How to maintain your carpets

If you have purchased a new carpet it is good practice to know how to maintain it.  How to maintain your carpets is a subject often spoken about and here we have some advice for every household –

Vacuuming your carpets –

Q: How often should I vacuum my carpet?

A: There is no set rule, however regular vacuuming will benefit your carpet and provide it with essential maintenance.  We recommend as a minimum, household carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week, although more frequent vacuuming will help prolong the life of your carpet.

Q: Why vacuum?

A: Your carpet is subject to dirt and debris on a daily basis.  Dirt and debris left within your carpet fibres will damage the carpet fibres.  Regular vacuuming will help to reduce the dirt and debris within your carpet.

Q: What are the effects of dirt and debris in my carpet?

A: Dirt and debris left in your carpet if left can damage carpet fibres.  Dirt and debris also carry contaminates, therefore your carpets are subject to this.

Q: What vacuum cleaner should I choose?

A: We recommend a good quality upright vacuum cleaner. Tools are very useful to get into fine areas. Stair tools are very helpful for this purpose.  Look for vacuum cleaners with a HEPA Filter as part of their filtration system. HEPA filters are designed to trap fine particles, HEPA filter vacuum cleaners are useful for allergy sufferers. Pollen and dust is a trigger for allergy and asthma conditions and this is a very valid reason for having your carpets professionally cleaned (see below).

Q: How should I vacuum my carpets?

A: Vacuum working against the carpet pile. Ensure that you fully vacuum all areas of the carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning –

Q: Why should my carpets be professionally cleaned?

A: We recommend that carpets are professionally cleaned at least annually.  Professional carpet cleaning will remove contaminates from your carpets.

Q: Will stains be removed during carpet cleaning?

A: Common stains mostly can be removed with carpet cleaning.  These we often referred to as walkway stains.  Other stains such as tea, coffee and red wine will require specialist treatments and we recommend that you contact our professional carpet cleaning company for advice and assistance.

Q: Should I clean my carpets using a hired machine?

A: It is a matter of choice although carpet cleaning machines used by professional carpet cleaning companies are usually much more powerful than that you can hire.

Q: What carpet cleaning products will be used?

A: Customer choice is always forefront in our minds and therefore we offer an eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution.  We have the experience and knowledge to select the best carpet cleaning product available for your carpet.

Q: Will my carpet require a stain protection treatment?

A: We recommend that freshly cleaned carpets will benefit from a stain protection treatment.  This will result in a ‘beading’ effect should you drop any fluid onto your carpet giving you time to swiftly clean the area before it seeps into your carpet fibres.

Q: I would like further advice, what should I do?

A: Contact Martins cleaning services Exeter Devon. Our friendly staff will be happy to help with your carpet, upholstery or rug cleaning requirements.  If you need emergency stain removal, then we are available to assist with your urgent enquiries.

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