How to maintain fabric upholstery

Do you remember when you bought your 3 piece upholstery suite and armchairs the comfort and look that it had in your home?

Upholstery cleaning Exeter and Devon

Upholstery cleaning Exeter and Devon; Before and After

Martins cleaning services clean all types of upholstery in Exeter and Devon.  We recommend professional cleaning at least annually.

In the meantime you can help your upholstery with regular maintenance –

  • Vacuum your upholstery on a regular basis
  •  If you have pets it is best to vacuum on a daily basis
  • Carefully remove pet hairs so they do not build up
  • Call us for professional stain removal or purchase our stain removal kit

It is worth considering the application of a stain protection treatment to your upholstery so that spills can be dealt with swiftly.  We apply professional stain protection for all fabric upholstery.

When vacuuming your upholstery do use an upholstery tool suitable for your upholstery type and usually supplied with a good vacuum cleaner.

On light fabrics such as cotton and some synthetics be careful not to snag any lose fibres when vacuuming.

Cushions should be turned on a regular basis, usually at least fortnightly to allow even wear.  Soiling will be even if turned on a regular basis however this should not be a reason to avoid professional upholstery cleaning.

It is a known fact that professional upholstery cleaning will lengthen the lifespan of all furnishings and carpets.

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