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Tips on choosing a carpet cleaning company, where to look, where to get the best service, how to be sure that your carpet cleaner knows how to clean carpets and much more …

  1. There are many places you can look to find a carpet cleaning company; yellow pages, the Internet, local phone books, local magazines and recommendation or word of mouth.
  2. We believe that recommendation is one of the best ways of finding a carpet cleaning company.  It could be a friend that has already used a reputable company or it may be that you seek a carpet cleaning company and then ask for a minimum of 3 references.
  3. Once you have found a carpet cleaning company look at how professional they are, have they got references, do they belong to governing bodies or organisations such as National Carpet Cleaners Association or are they recommended by ‘Which’ magazine or The County ‘Buy with Confidence Scheme’?
  4.  A trustworthy company will not hide their address or contact details, you will be able to find information about the company perhaps through ‘Companies House’ and check their trading status.
  5. The carpet cleaner … is he competent?  How long has he been cleaning carpets, what recommendation and references can he show you?  Can he show you images of work that he and only he has previously undertaken such as a portfolio of work?
  6. Is the company or the individual carpet cleaner fully insured?  Should a mistake happen it is vital that you the customer is fully protected, not only for operating practice error but also for damage to your home.  Remember carpet cleaners will be using machinery and water to clean carpets, is this machinery all in good working order?

Beware of offers that seem ‘too good to be true’, usually if they sound ‘too good to be true’ they are!

Here we are pinpointed just a few relevant questions that you may wish to consider when choosing a carpet cleaning company whether that be in Exeter, Devon, Tiverton, Honiton, Cullompton, Axminster, Somerset, Yeovil or other parts of Devon or the UK.

Martins Cleaning Services is a professional carpet cleaning company based in Exeter Devon with over 10 years experience.  We can be found in ‘Which’ Magazine, The Devon County Council ‘Buy with Confidence Scheme’ and The National Carpet Cleaners Association.

We have thousands of delighted customers who regularly use our services time and again.  We hope that you find the above information useful no matter what part of England you are looking to find a carpet cleaning company.  Thank you for reading.

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