Domestic General House Cleaning

A typical general house cleaning specification includes kitchen, dining room, lounge, bathroom and bedroom cleaning.

What makes a domestic clean successful is not the cost of the job but the skill and attention taken within the specification of cleaning.  This can be said also for commercial cleaning.  It is a good specification that will make a house a home.

There are many factors to consider when compiling a cleaning specification as each home is individual with or without children and pets.  There may be allergy factors too.

We visit your home to provide a quotation for cleaning based upon your individual specification.  While we can state an approximate hourly rate, it should be remembered that cost will depend on many factors. The type of cleaning, the frequency of cleaning and the way in which the home is used as well as the size of the home.

As a guide kitchen and utility areas are sanitised, including sinks, tiles, taps, work surfaces, floors.  It may be additional tasks that you require such as internal/external cupboard cleaning also known as deep cleaning.

A typical bathroom usually requires sanitisation of toilets, basin, bath, shower, tiles and flooring whether this be hard floor for mopping or carpet cleaning.

We do not provide mould and mildew removal in bathrooms or kitchens.

A typical bedroom clean will consist of dusting furniture and vacuuming floors. Hallways and stairs usually consist of dusting handrails and vacuuming carpets. Dining room cleaning usually consists of vacuuming and light dusting.

Of course there are many ways to compile a cleaning specification and the above is an example of a general cleaning specification.  A deep cleaning specification will consist of much more – skirting boards, internal/external cupboards deep carpet cleaning and so the list goes on.

Our quotation for services is based upon – per hour/per cleaner rates.

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