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I received a telephone enquiry this afternoon from a lady in Exeter that has just cleaned her own carpet using a hired carpet cleaning machine.  She is very anxious as she is unhappy with the carpet cleaning job she and her husband have completed.

The client is ringing around trying to find a carpet cleaning company to clean her carpets professionally.  We are fully booked with just a few remaining slots and while we offered her Thursday afternoon, it was not soon enough.

I can see this could be one disaster that could lead to another as having found a reputable carpet cleaning company, panic has overcome her.

The carpet cleaning machine was hired locally and came with a foam product to clean her living room carpet.

The foam product will need to be fully removed from the carpet with a defoamer as foam in the carpet or left behind will act as a magnet for dirt.

This will need to be followed with cleaning and perhaps replacement of carpet stain protection.  I am not even sure if the client realises that carpet cleaning removes carpet stain protection treatments so this is a costly mistake.

This is an example of hiring costs, a product that will cause more dirt in her carpet and stain protection (if previously present) is no longer.  Costs have now increased and if only she had hired our professional carpet cleaning service she would have received a courteous and experienced carpet technician to clean her carpets.

Now it seems that she will be paying for the hired carpet cleaning machine and also a carpet cleaning company to clean her carpets again having already laid out money!

We believe these are the benefits when you hire a professional carpet cleaner rather than a machine –

  • A carpet cleaning technician will have knowledge to know how to treat your carpet.
  • Carpets vary from man-made to natural fibres and you need to know your carpet and the correct product to use.
  • If something goes wrong and you have checked that your carpet cleaner is fully insured you have backup and support.
  • You could pay twice
  • Carpet cleaning is labour intensive, don’t think otherwise!
  • You have the inconvenience of collecting and returning the equipment whereby a carpet cleaning company will visit you.
  • The cleaning is unlikely to be as thorough as a professional machine – carpet cleaners do not invest in the thousands for no reason.

We will be delighted to hear from you if you need advice or a carpet cleaning quotation, our advice and quotation is free!

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