Daytime daily cleaning Exeter

There is a  growing need for cleaner premises throughout the day in the commercial world particularly within offices. Martins Cleaning Exeter have therefore introduced daytime daily cleaning as an alternative to evening cleaning.

Daytime cleaning is proving to be the ideal daily cleaning service for more and more companies and offices purely because of the following advantages –

Daytime daily cleaning benefits:

  • Your company can save substantially on security costs due to our experienced staff being available for your cleaning needs during your office hours.
  • Energy costs can also be greatly reduced as our staff are onsite during normal business hours.
  • Cleaning staff can assist with immediate identified cleaning tasks while they are onsite.
  • Lighting is different during the day to the evening.

Switch to Daytime cleaning

We provide advice on staffing, health and safety issues, helping you see the benefits of daytime cleaning immediately.

The only factor that we can see that may cause some inconvenience is the noise of vacuum cleaners, it would be possible for this to take place outside of your business hours.  This would mean the use of energy in the evening outside of your own business hours but for a shorter period of time.

Contact us now to see how we can help you with evening cleaning, daily office cleaning and daytime cleaning.

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