Dartmouth, the home of carpets, fine furnishings and silks

Greenway, Dartmouth, Agatha Christies home

Greenway, Dartmouth, Agatha Christies Home

Sunday was a beautiful day and what better place to spend it than Dartmouth.  With so many memories here for our own family; Agatha Christies holiday home Greenway was worth the visit.

I would describe Greenway as a ‘lived in’ family home with beautiful rugs, carpets and upholstery and the finest silks.  Given to the National Trust in 2000 and opened to the public in 2009 it was a wait for Agatha Christie fans, however worthwhile in every way possible.

The home of ‘Greenway‘ on the Dart estuary in Devon reflects not only Agatha’s life but also her ability to reflect her home to the public.

The real sense of ‘home’ is truely present here.  I couldn’t help but notice antique furniture including upholstery, silks, rugs and carpets.  The antique chest in the hall was written into one of her books in one of her plots but I will say no more.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning in Dartmouth

Dartmouth, The Dart Estuary Devon

On a personal note my third cousin lived at Dartmouth overlooking the estuary.  They owned the ‘Jabula’ yacht which was later sold to a well known film Director and sank – never forgotten by the family.

I guess that’s why maintaining upholstery, carpets and furnishings of boats, yachts and the MOD fleet have meant such a lot to us over the years.  Made by Philip and Son Ltd Shipbuilders and engineers the yacht was known to our family and my great Uncle who sailed upon her.

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