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Is it time to regulateIt takes much effort for any company and any marketing department to put together good quality content and it is there for the enjoyment of others in a reading and sharing capacity but not to be copied or re-created.

It has been noted in recent weeks that a number of our blog posts are being re-created by various cleaning companies.  Apart from this being unacceptable, copyright infringement is a serious matter and not to be taken lightly.

We would ask that the perpetrators remove the copied work with immediate effect – you will know who you are and we know that you will be reading this as you are frequently copying and reproducing our work.

We have methods in place to ensure that our work is protected from copyright infringement and plagiarism and currently we have evidence to confirm that this is happening on a regular basis – we urge you to stop now.

Did you know that by copying you are not helping yourself or your own website or material, you are actually likely to be de-ranking yourself in the search engines eyes – so in fact while you might think this is very clever and you think that the search engines will give you more respect you most likely to be  very wrong.

Copying does not help anyone and it does not give you the opportunity to create your own brand.


Please Note: While we do not wish to create a fuss we will (if needed) take further action.
© Copyright 2013 Natasha Smith {Published on 30/08/2012 @ 18:09}
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