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Cleaning Risk Assessments done by Martins CleaningThere are responsibilities for a commercial cleaning contractor but also for the businesses that we provide commercial cleaning to.  Outside contractors have a duty of care towards their cleaning staff and a risk assessment will provide a regular analysis of hazards that may be present.

The risk assessments identify new hazards and these documents are a record of hazards that have been identified such as dangerous electric sockets, trip hazards and handling of equipment such as carrying heavy equipment up or down stairways.  Wires should be contained and safely concealed to avoid tripping.

It can be extremely difficult when a hazard is identified and time is wasted fixing the problem or the business does not comply with your request.

When hazards are identified in a commercial cleaning premises as a contractor we have the responsibility to ensure the safety of ourselves and our cleaning staff.  Therefore should a situation arise that is not resolved with a business the contractors can refuse to carry out a task that could be deemed as dangerous, that could cause accident, injury or death.

Insurance is paramount however when a risk is identified the onus is on the cleaning contractor and the business concerned to make the right decision for the safety of their cleaning staff.

Cleaning cupboards where the general public are able to be invited should always be locked.  COSHH data should always be kept up to date and staff should be fully trained in areas of cleaning, health and safety.

We have been appalled by some of the commercial premises that we have been invited to provide commercial cleaning services to.  Often when hazards are identified with a client barriers occur but that should not be the case, all companies must realise that they have a duty of care also to their own staff and themselves.

As a professional commercial cleaning company we offer help with identifying hazards when they are noticed and office managers are often happy that we have been of assistance to them.  If you require a professional commercial cleaning contractor for office cleaning or carpet cleaning, you can be assured that our company will comply with aspects of health and safety.

It is important to realise that all businesses have responsibility for contractors coming into their premises including cleaning staff, visitors and clients.

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