Commercial cleaning Exeter Devon – Client and contractor relationship

We undertake commercial cleaning contracts throughout Exeter and Devon.  It is important for any organisation to realise that the responsibility of client and contractor is joint.

We want to highlight the responsibilities of both the contractor and the client from a health and safety prospective and found that the HSE Leaflet ‘Use of Contractors’ is highly informative and worth reading before choosing a contractor to undertake work in your commercial premises in Exeter and Devon.

See – Relationship and obligations of client and contractor HSE

Choosing a compliant contract cleaning company –

One key element of any contract is health and safety which can sometimes be overlooked when you are looking for a new contract cleaning company.  It is important that price is not the first most important aspect when you are making your choice.

Here is a list of items that Martins cleaning services will provide when you ask us to quote for a commercial cleaning contract –

  • Health and safety policy (available to read online)
  • Insurance certificates
  • References
  • Our statements and policies
  • Documents to confirm our training
  • Documents to confirm membership with Devon County Council ‘Buy with Confidence’ and other recognised accreditation’s.

We cannot stress enough that making the right decision can provide you and your staff years of pleasure when you choose our Exeter cleaning services. 

Without complication, and prices that are affordable to any local Exeter and Devon business why wait?  Call us today (Tel: 01392 670700) for a free consultation and quotation.

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3 Responses to Commercial cleaning Exeter Devon – Client and contractor relationship

  1. Dana Caffrey says:

    I’ve been availing professional or commercial cleaning services for the past year. I’m so glad I’ve found a very reliable cleaning service in Devon, I’m so happy with the quality of your work. How much do you charge for a whole house? My sister lives near you and I want to give her the comfort of cleaning services.

    • natasha says:

      Prices do vary for commercial cleaning services across the UK and probably the region of Devon and the South West. Our Exeter commercial cleaning rates start from as little as £9.00 per hour. Our commercial cleaning is usually priced upon the work required and agreed rather than time. We have realised that time is a very small factor in pricing commercially because every cleaner works at different rates depending on ability. Martins Cleaning Services would rather provide accurate cleaning and a job well done over a job that has taken little effort just because it’s based upon time.

      Of course if your sister would like any help with her cleaning, do ask her to call.

  2. Marissa T. Watts says:

    When it comes to hiring commercial cleaning companies, this should be a two-end relationship. The company, as well as the client, have their own set of responsibilities that they have to take note. For us customers, it is our responsibility to find the company that would suite us best.

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