Cleaning your tumble dryer

Do you ever notice the lint build up on clothes?  Just imagine the amount of fibres and dust that your tumble dryer contends with on a daily basis.

Domestic house cleaning includes many tasks and where we rely on modern machinery it has to be said that maintenance of your household machinery will make a difference to your cleaning results.

Did you realise that a tumble dryer left unclean may potentially be a fire risk?!  Clean out all the old lint and dust on a regular basis.

To clean, take out the section usually in the door area of the machine and remove the device that collects lint, fibres and dust.  Make sure the machine is fully switched off and using an old toothbrush clean the device fully.  Then use the toothbrush to collect loss fibres and dust remaining in the machine area.

Regular maintained machinery will improve your tumble drying machine performance.  It is just the same of carpet cleaning machines, when regularly maintened they will do a better job.

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