Cleaning with lemons – Home cleaning

Lemon smells wonderful, taste beautiful, (thinking of a nice lemon drizzle cake or a lemon cheese cake right now!) but just think of the properties of a lemon and how it can be used in home cleaning.

Neutralising bad smells –

Lemons make a wonderful potion to neutralise bad smells particularly in the kitchen.  Add a few slices of lemon to some water, gently simmer and smell the aroma in your home, neutralising bad odours and replacing with a nice scent.  It’s simple to do and costs very little.

Lemons have their own antibacterial agents making them great for cleaning.  Dating back years lemons have been used in the diet and to assist medical conditions as a natural remedy.

Finish your house cleaning with lemons –

When you have cleaned your home, (lemons included possibly) use the tip above to bring a fresh scent to your home.

Just putting a bowl of lemons in a room makes a pleasant welcome for guests because of their beautiful colour and the eye just tends to move towards the powerful colour of this citrus fruit used within our daily lives.

Lemons are great for cleaning both kitchens and bathrooms as they assist with removing bacteria so if you are thinking of eco cleaning have a think about how lemons can make your home clean and fresh.

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